Starline Theorie

At the turn of the century the original core group of Thomas Fuhr (guitar), Wood (bass/piano), Dustin Luna (drums) and Dorian Maras (guitar/cello/production) produced Starline Theorie’s first album, Vega (released 2004). Since then, Starline has ebbed and flowed in membership and activity. Working at various venues over the past 5 years, a large body of material has amassed. As a result, there will be quite a bit of activity in 2018.



Vega (2004)

The debut of ST was a full 70 minutes of “Ambient Dub” With an assortment of vocalists and instrumentation, the album lived up to the wild performances up and down the West Coast. With as many as 8 people on stage at any given time, it was as crowded as the dance floor.


“…There’s alot of different vibes on the record, from Middle Eastern to dub reggae to Miles Davis late 50’s era jazz. There seem to be three different vocalists as well as trumpet, flute, percussion, and beautiful guitar work over a solid bass and drum section. Sounds like Dead Can Dance, Radiohead, Massive Attack…even Pink Floyd’s more textural work. At about 70 minutes long, it is an investment timewise, but great headphone music.” Amazon buyer review

“…Starline Theorie’s debut album at its best recalls classics of the field like some of Jon Hassell’s ethno-jazz-ambient experiments or the early 80’s “Hamilton sound” of Daniel Lanois…” — Amplifier (August 2004)

“It’s more of a showcase of the human voice in various stages of emotional and spiritual ecstasy, like Sufiist song recast for the American underground.” — San Diego Citybeat (February 2004)

Obon (2006)

The follow up to Vega, Obon retained many of the same players and singers with an eye toward sharpening the focus of the new batch of songs. Mission accomplished, the group – in quintet form – travelled to New York City to perform at such legendary venues as CBGB, Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, Rockwood Music Hall, and Mickey’s Blue Room. (Shout out to Lenny Kaye!)